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Mynock-"No Title" 7" EP (Tortellini Records).
This is definitely a great 7" and the first in a batch of 3 7"s put about by these great Sactoe punksters' Mynock (see LP review for my rave on Mynock). What can I say about this record other than it's great. What makes it special is that it's probably states the bands' style best. Fun, energetic and filled with a great sense of humor to boot. Plus it features some of their best songs by far. Songs that once you hear they tend to stick in yer mind and you'll catch yerself humming them in yer sleep (I know I do). This features great Mynock ditties such as "Games 4 F.U.N", "Drinkin' On An Empty Stomach" and Notta Surf Song Brah(Drive)". Plus it features one of my favorite acoustic songs of all time "City Of Tokyo" (sang by their former git player Patrick). God, I just love that song and it makes me long to go to Tokyo every time I hear it. Plus Patrick's singing is so heartfelt that you can sympathize with his lyrics. Rounding out this piece of vinyl is a special ska version of their song "Pigs And A Blanket" called "Ska Pigs And A Blanket". I remember being on the studio floor and trying my hardest to not laugh when hearing them record this version. The sheer lunacy of the track brings a smile to anyones face. Not yer typcal Mynock track by far. It's great indeed. An great added touch is the photo collage cover of this disc. Loads of quick snapshots of past and present members of Mynock and some great candid moments. Brings to mind feelings of friendship, beer drinking and togetherness. Especially love the two photos that yers truly is in from the fabled "Phantom Menace" screening roadtrip in Reno. I highly recommend getting this record. I give it 5 outta 5 shakes of my yaknowwhatits. Buy it dammit. Tortellinni Records / P.O. Box 189634 / Sacramento, CA 95818-9634. (loser!)

Mynock-"Don't Even Core" 7" EP (Tortellinni Records).
2nd in a fine triple threat release of great 7"'s from Mynock. This one being probably the most diverse one and unique of the bunch. Why you say? Cuz it contains the most of the alternate recorded versions of their songs from the sessions that produced their collective output of releases. The band recorded ska, joke and hardcore versions of their songs for fun and this release takes the lion's share of those tracks. I love it for just that. It captures the sure creativity and lunacy that makes of these fine lads. You get special hardcore versions of "Pigs And A Blanket" and "Notta Surf Song Brah" . Featuring drummer/vocalist singing in very aggresive harsh hoarse pissed off manuerism that works perfecty (somehow it makes the songs even better). Plus there's an hilarious take on their song "Hellapission" called "Hellabustopin'". Basically a studio voiceover track of Keith and Manny having a conversation at a bus stop. It's fairly humorous and will get you laughing big time. I know I do. Also, includes are Mynock greats such as "American Flag" (with Brian Ballentine). "So-Co Crew", and SpinkDrescials". the cover is pretty hilarious too (esp. the pissing one on the back). Definitely, a must have in my book. I give it 5 outta 5 shakes of my yaknowhatsits. (Tortellinni Records). (loser!)

Mynock-"Zero Five. Nineteen. One Thousand Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine 7" EP (Tortellinni Records).
Gawd, probably the record holder for longest titled release in my huge record collection (well maybe). Hehe. But definitely worthy of inclusion in it or anyones record collection. Hmm, another great disc by those Sactoe punks. Third in a great assualt of Mynock 7"s that released at the same time. This one features some great tracks and fan favorites to boot. Plus the Star Wars tone/leanings of the band is made fairly obvious on this one. Just look at the cover of the Mynock creature featured in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Plus, yer gotta great blatant Star Wars influenced tracks such as "Dagobah System" and Tarkins Confidence". Makes me wanna dig out my Star Wars movies and toys and have a good ole Star Wars induced orgy of a great time (plus makes me have really naughty dreams of yers truly and Princess Leia too. Mmm mmm crack that whip baby!). Plus ya get a great drinking song in the form of "Drinkin' On an Empty Stomach". A ska version of "First Dee" entitled "Second Dee". Mynock faves "Choose' and "Impressions" make their presense known here too. All-in-all this is a really well-rounded out piece of vinyl that is worthy of dozens and dozen of listens. Damn, fetch yelself up two copies while yer at it. Cuz ya might just wear out that the essential first one. Ok, it's seems fairly obvious--i'm a big fan of Mynock--so shoot me!--hehe! I personally give this 4 1/2 outta 5 shakes of my yaknowhatits (loser!)

Mynock "Chewy" CD (CD-R) (Tortellinni Reck-Whords).
Damn, I have been waiting for this for a while and it took me by surprise when it came out. Mynock are probably my favorite local band along with Red Tape and Brian Ballentine and Friends. This CD is a lot different than the first to me, for one because they have a new guitarist (Mick) since the last one and I think he adds a lot to their sound because he is extremely good. As for sound quality this CD rocks! The only complaint that I have is that the drums sound kinda.....I dont know, like they were recorded in a different studio? I mean not the drum playing because Keith is such a great drummer but I mean the way they were recorded or mixed sounds kinda empty I guess, but enough of that. This CD has I think 3 or 4 songs that were also on the last CD and they sound better then ever. One thing I was hoping is that this CD would have the song "Punk Rawk Girl" on it, I have hered them play that song so many times live, it's great and yes it is on the CD, but my favorite Mynock song of all is "Nine To Five," this is like the ultimate feel good song and is about work and of course drinking since this is Mynock. All the musicianship is great on this CD we all know Keith is a bad-ass drummer, Manny can play bass better then probably anyone in any of the local punk bands and Mick I think can play anything with strings, also the fact that Keith sings while playing drums is so great. The other great surprise for this CD the country version of the title track "Chewy" which starts out as an old man telling a young boy a story, it's really funny and has a great blues style guitar solo. For anyone that hasn't heard Mynock before they play really fast punk most of the time but this CD has some slow country sounding tunes too, all their songs are ultra sing-a-longs and make you want to drink a beer and forget about everything. Song list for this CD is: Chewy, Simplicity, Drinking Again, I Fell Short, Fascism Failed, Punk Rawk Girl, Games For F.U.N., Nine To Five, Harvest Time For The Lazy and Cunttree Chewy. (Tortellinni Reck-Whords P.O. Box 189634, Sacramento, CA 95818-9634) (Cory Brat)

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