Friday, February 16, 2007

REVIEWS: Four Eyes - "Double Rockin' It"

Four Eyes - "Double Rockin' It" CD-R (no label).
What can I say about this release (which seems to be a compiled release of their two demos). But that it makes me wanna shout that I was happy that Nixon revealed that he was a closet transvestite. Everyone of the tracks on this disc is hilarious and catchy as fuck. there's great ditties that are definitely pseudo-TV inspired on this here discy-poo. such as "Lost In Space", I Want To Be Your Dylan Mckaye" (whoever that is. I will never know or want to know. hehe.), and many other memorable tv-related tunes. there's tons on tunes that gratify nerd power for all it's worth. Songs like "Compucore", "Nerd Power Part. 2", "Nerds In Space" and countless other fine helpings of nerdom. standout tunes would have to be the above mentioned, "Prison Song", "Nerdy Girl" and their takes on Buddy Holly's "Oh Boy" and G.G. Allin's "Hard Candy Cock." "The Say It Booger" track had me rolling and brought a tear to my eye ( I just love that movie, man!). The only downfall that I can see with this release is the sound quality. It's a safe bet that this was taken from a tape source. There's traces of tape hiss on this and occasionally you can hear a drop out from an obviously worn out master mix tape. sometimes the sound is so muddy that you can't hear the drums or guitar track . But don't that detract you from getting this fine release. Besides these few measly minor flaws I highly recommend buying this release. It's worth of anyone's collection. I give it 4 out of 5 shakes of my yaknowhatsits. (loser!)

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