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INTERVIEW: Sins Of The Flesh

Sins Of The Flesh were a heavily political Sacramento hardcore punk band that were together from 1985-1990. Formed from the ashes of Industrial Hate, the band became on the best bands to ever come out of the Sacramento area. Their sound was a blistering barrage of metallic-tinged hardcore with a strong political edge. In their short career, they released one full length LP entitled "Greed", seven-inch and were featured on various compilations. One of my personal favorite all-time bands to ever come out of Sacramento.

This is an old interview that i conducted through the mail in the summer of 1988 with Sins of the Flesh.

Give Us A Brief History:
Ken: We started as Industrial Hate in 1984 and then in the summer of 1985 out singer Mike Psycho left the band and then we changed our name to Sins Of The Flesh. Finally our old guitarist. Robert "Chicken Scratch" Amada quit in October. In 1986 I moved to guitar and got Kevin to play bass.

What Do Your Lyrics Deal With?
Kevin: We practically have a song for every major political issue facing us today. From Capitalism to Socialism (social anarchy is my goal), Anti-War, No Nukes, Technology, Religion, Apartheid, Human and Animal Rights. We don't fuck around with words, our lyrics are blunks and to the point. Straightforward, man.

Ken: Though our songs are political. I can say they are very personal because everything we do in our personal lives in being seen politically and economically by those who have power in this society. so we try to tie what we do and see around us into our lyrical content.

There's A Apparent Metal Influence In Your Sound. What Do You Think About The Current Death Metal Trend?
Kevin: All our songs have to pass the test of heaviness-if they aren't heavy, they're history.

It's an attitude. A good, heavy, thrashing tune make me feel like roaring. It builds up inside and comes screaming out with all my gripes against the system mingled together. All good metal music does that. It's like the anti-rockers say, we are possessed by guitar demons! i hope or music makes people feel like raging, going out and fucking with the system a bit and with enough rage to never get caught!
As far as the death metal trend, I don't follow trends personal-if it makes people rage, it's fine with me. Metal music is the ultimate medium for expressing anger!!!! (okay)

Ken: As long as the bands keep true to their beliefs and do not compromise lyrically, it's alright.

What does "Sins Of The Flesh" mean?
Kevin: We all different ideas about that. This is how is how I look at it. Humanity has passes through three ages. The 1st age was nature revealing herself to humankind. The 2nd stage was humankind beginning to understand nature, the great age of philosophy. The 3rd age, the one were in now is the age if manipulation, humans transform nature. This age began long before Christ and is just about to come to an end. Materialism appeals directly to our egos and separates us from our mother, Earth.

To me, Sins Of The Flesh are any aspect of society that serve to satisfy our immediate "need" for material goods and put us on that speciecistic pedistal that promotes our image of master of the earth. By holding on to the dubious title of "Master," we lock ourselves into the physical plane of existence and are doomed to discontent until we realize that we must have humility and surrender to the Earth and heal it. When we do this, we are at one with the universe and will transcend to a higher level of consciousness. This material age is ending now, on August 17, the planets will come into alignment and a new age of cleansing will emerge-by surrendering to Mother Earth we can redeem ourselves from the Sins Of The Flesh.

Which Members Are Vegetarians?
Kevin: Kenny and I are vegetarians. We realized that if we hope to end oppression on all levels, we have to start with ourselves and that means cutting out habits that promote oppression. The meat industry is about the most oppressive of all. They've chopped living individualism down to the level of machinery and their operations don't give give any consideration to the natural harmonic ways of nature--they're wasteful, cruel, specicist--90% of the world's grains feed livestock which in turn only feed about 1/8 of the world populous!

Ken: It just doesn't seem right for me to take a life of an animal when i can survive without it (meat).

Any Plan For Any Upcoming Release Material?
Kevin: We plan to make a recording at the end of this month for an LP to be released this year or beginning of next year.

Ken: It should be out on Street Records (ex-KDVS DJ Tom Street's record label).

Sins Of The Flesh disbanded a fews years after this interview was conducted when Kevin (bass player) moved away from Sacramento. Ken Beisley (lead vocals/guitar) later joined Deep Six and Filibuster. He currently plays lead guitar in the Sacramento Oi! band, Pressure Point. I don't know the current whereabouts of Kevin or Tony (drummer) today.


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