Sunday, September 05, 2010


Well, I finally bought a new scanner. Expect new scans to appear very shortly. I let this site lay dormant for quite some time due to not having a scanner. The main problem was that my last computer went belly up and I had to buy a new one. Unfortunately, after hooking up my scanner to my new computer I realized it wasn't compatible with the Windows 7 software installed in my new computer. Also, other personal problems in my life arising that kept me from working on this blog. But I think it's time that changes and I start updating this blog on a regular basis with more scans and other features. Sound good!

SPAM! Lately, this blog has been bombarded with tons of spam messages in the comments sections. This forced me to make all comments moderated and each comment has to be approved by me. Any comment that someone leaves that pertains to the subject of this blog will be approved. Any comments advertising some product unrelated, links to porn sites or some form of spam will be deleted.

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Marc L. said...

Looking forward to more stuff, Ken!