Friday, December 21, 2007

FLYER: No KIll I, Tiki Men 1994.

JULY 21, 1994:
No Kill I, Hentchmen, Tiki Men
at Old Ironsides, Sacramento.


TV de Plasma said...
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typographica said...

NO KILL I are awesome and I miss Ed Hunter but he's moving back soon! We need a reunion show!!

Anonymous said...

i was scurrying through cyberspace looking for a very specific show at the cattle club and came across your site...i have to say it brought a significant amount of laughter thinking of earlier days here in the of the shows listed i as a joke on the fb application which 5 shows or whatever...i put my dag nasty show...then i started thinking..there were only about 20 people at that show..i was curious why...the flyer you have up explains was a sunday night show in the middle of summer..not the best night for being out and about, especially in 88.

thank you