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A Brief Glipse Of Things To Come And A Look Into The Past!

Lately, i've been really bored since I haven't been able to do much due to being sick. So i've been going thru a bunch of stuff I have kept over the years compiling some stuff for possible inclusion on this blog in the future. Basically, this blog will feature old faded pics, crusty flyers, show listings, record reviews and other things dealing with Sacramento punk and other places of interest.. Maybe even some mp3's from time to time. I know I have enough stuff to keep this blog going for many years to come and thensome. Yes shirley, I have that much Sacramento punk-related crap. Combined with the "History Of Punk" CD-R series I'm doing I think it would be something people might enjoy. Anyways, just something I always wanted to do? Anyone have any opinions on it?

"Sacramento stuff?" I hear you say. "Do you plan on adding any other stuff that's non-Sacramento?" The answer is yes I do! Didn't I say "other places"....hehe.

Here's a sneak preview of some things that might will part of this blog. Included is a listing of shows that were at Club Minimal in the early eighties.

The Club Minimal was a short-lived club located in a small warehouse near Sacramento City College.

06/03/83: Social Distortion, The Vacant, Los Olvidados, J.I.A., Frantix
06/11/83: Code Of Honor, Tales Of Terror, Straw Dogs, Channel 3
06/23/83: Three O'Clock, True West, Tales Of Terror
06/25/83: D.O.A., The Vacant, Authorities, Agent 86
07/15/83: If-Then-Why?, Antics
07/16/83: Youth Brigade, Tales Of Terror, Stretch Marks, Dead Pledge
07/22/83: Raskidus & The Roots Connection, Isa Wah (Reggae)
07/23/83: Code Of Honor, Personality Crisis, Dead Pledge
08/10/83: G.B.H., The Vacant, Dead Pledge, +1
08/12/83: Game Theory, Torn Boys
08/18/83: Black Slacks, TBA
08/26/83: Raskidus & The Roots Connection, Isa Wah (Reggae)
08/27/83: Reggie & The Rebels, Stir-Ups, Full Ensemble
09/03/83: Redd Kross, Toxic Reasons, Personality Crisis
09/04/83: Jazzy Jay
09/06/83: Dream Syndicate, True West, Johnny Patterson Band
09/08/83: Bangles, Big Race, Antics
09/09/83: Crucifix, Tales Of Terror, Treason, Lamos, Forced Tradition
09/16/83: Agent Orange, Pariah, Authorities
09/17/83: The Search
09/23/83: Features, Rhythm Shock
09/25/83: Children Of Jah, Oquishais Paradox (Reggae)
09/30/83: Tales Of Terror, Fang, Thirteen, Dead Pledge
10/07/83: D.O.A., Social Unrest, 3 Stooges, Authorities
10/08/83: If-Then-Why?, Big Race, 28th Day
10/15/83: Circle Jerks, Stir Ups, Straw Dogs, Circle Kross
10/21/03: M.D.C., Vacant, Afflicted, Forced Tradition
10/22/83: Isa Wah (Reggae)
10/28/83: Antics, The Search, Torn Boys
10/29/83: Code Of Honor, Crucifix, Tales Of Terror, Circle Kross
11/05/83: L.A.'s Wasted Youth, Straw Dogs, Breakouts, Lockwork Orange, TBA.
11/10/84: Untouchables
11/11/83: Features, Diced Fruit
11/12/83: LeMans, Panther, Overkill (Metal)
11/18/83: Steele, Red Rum, Anvil Chorus (Metal)
11/19/83: Fang, Torn Boys, Pariah, Vacant, Forced Tradition
11/25/83: Caribbean All-Stars, Vision (Reggae)
11/29/83: Steeler, Steel, Panther(Metal)
12/09/83: Dead Kennedys, Butthole Surfers, Tales Of Terror, Dead Pledge
12/10/83: Dead Kennedys, 7 Seconds, Straw Dogs, Urban Assualt
12/16/83: Fear, Code Of Honor, Black Athletes, The Vacant
12/30/83: Code Of Honor, Breakouts, Faction, Hot Spit Dancers

01/12/84: Toy Dolls, Tales Of Terror, Pariah
01/13/84: D.R.I., Straw Dogs, Funhouse, Ribzy, Dead Pledge (Friday the 13th Lucky Lottery Show. Bands Drew Lots For Order of Appearance)
01/20/84: Offenders, D.R.I., The Vacant, Groovie Ghoulies, Forced Tradition
01/28/84: Agent Orange, People's Temple. Leaving Trains, Hot Spit Dancers
02/11/84: Circle Jerks, House Of Commons, Pariah, Decry, Circle Kross
02/12/84: Rain Parade, Leaving Trains, Thin White Rope
02/17/84: Laaz Rockit, Red Rum (Metal)
02/19/84: Youth Brigade, Channel 3, Breakouts, Forced Tradition
03/02/84: The Vacant, Sluglords, Lamos, Soldiers Of Fortune
03/09/84: Flipper, Fang, Minimal Man
03/11/84: Meat Puppets, Shanghai Dog, Death's Ugly Head
03/12/84: G.B.H., Tales Of Terror, Faction, People's Temple
03/23/84: Dicks, Septic Death, Heart Attack, Stiffs, Distress
03/31/84: Pariah, Tales Of Terror, Decry, The Vacant, Sluglords, Hot Spit Dancers, Lamos (Emergency Rent Benefit)
04/07/84: M.D.C., Dead Pledge, Condemned To Death
04/13/84: Minimal Man, 28th Day, Tragic Mulatto
04/15/84: Subhumans, M.I.A., Trial, Satygraha
04/18/84: Circle Jerks, Tales Of Terror, Shanghai Dog, Groovie Ghoulies, D.U.H.
05/04/84: Fang, 7 Seconds, Hot Spit Dancers, Teenage Warning, Skate Nix
05/11/84: Breakouts, Straw Dogs, Condemned To Death, Distress, Groovie Ghoulies
05/12/84: Antics, Full Ensomble
05/18/83: Antics, Thin White Rope.
05/20/84: J.F.A., Big Boys, Agression, Who Knows, R.I.P.
06/01/84: Pariah, Sluglords, Death's Ugly Head, Straw Dogs, Frightwig
06/09/84: New Breed, Wild Game (Mod)
06/16/84: 45 Grave, Tales Of Terror, Thin White Rope, Hot Spit Dancers, Groovie Ghoulies (final Club Minimal show)

Note: This list was compiled by using old flyers, newspaper listings and my foggy memory. Feel free to let me know if you have any corrections or show info I missed.

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